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We Need Your Support

If you like what you hear about Tameside Community Radio then we need your help with our bid to get a community radio licence for the Tameside area.

We need letters of support from you. Please write or email and tell us that you want Tameside Community Radio to get a fulltime licence by letting us know why. Every letter we receive will help our cause.

You can post your letters to:

Support, TCR fm, 166 Mottram Old Road, Hyde, Cheshire. SK14 3BA

or email

Tameside Community Radio (TCR 87.7 fm) will be on air as a trial broadcast between 24th May and 19th June.

This is your chance to get involved.

If you have any community events between 24th May and

30th June and you want TCR to tell Tamesiders all about it,

contact the broadcast team.

email: or write to Events, TCR fm, XXXXXXXXXXX

or call 001010010

Calling Former Eight Towns Presenters

Do you want to get involved in this new breed of community radio. Opportunities available for the right people. Send Simon Walker a brief resume and, if possible, a demo tape or cd or email a resume and mp3 to or write to:- TCRF fm, 166 Mottram Old Road, Hyde, Tameside. SK 14 3BA