Why Choose Radio

Radio Works

Research sponsored by Saatchi and Saatchi shows that radio achieves the greatest recall of all media, with the strongest memory retention of not only brand/company but also specific selling points.

Radio is cost effective

Radio allows your message to be received by more people more often, thereby producing a lower cost per thousand than other media

Radio reaches more customers

Radio is everywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Radio is heard in the home, car, shopping centre, garden, workplace, leisure centre and even on the beach.

Radio is informative

Research over many years has shown that people turn to radio first for the up to the minute news, weather, sport and traffic information.

Radio is influential

Again, research has shown that radio is a highly credible source of information, influencing the listener to avoid that traffic jam, wear a waterproof coat, use a service or buy a product.

Radio is intimate

Radio is a one to one medium, with presenters seen as friends. This relationship makes potential customers more receptive to a sales message. Coupled with the subliminal effect of radio commercials, it can often result in the listener responding to a commercial because “a friend told me”.

Radio is ambient

A potential customer must choose to open a newspaper or periodical; they must choose to stop and read a printed message. Listeners choose to listen to a particular radio station; they do not get up and make a cup of tea, or “flip” the page when the commercials appear.

Radio is activity related

Radio can reach potential customers at the time their activity is related to a product or service. Radio talks about buying a new car to customers whilst they are driving, or about a new kitchen to someone who is cooking.

Radio can target specific groups

Audience data for radio is more detailed than for any other media. By placing a commercial at the time of day a target market listens, you will achieve less wastage than any other media will.

Every radio commercial is a headline

Every commercial is heard in isolation – an advertiser will not be sharing a page with any other advertiser. Only radio offers the opportunity for local companies to advertise next to larger national companies without being overshadowed.

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